Next week, while I am off exploring Italy, everyone elses eyes are turned on the UK as the world awaits the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The occasion is poised to be nothing short of spectacular and I know, wherever I am, I will be toasting the couple with a glass of champagne as I take in the spectacle on a television somewhere.

As blogger Elizabeth Andreson wrote, “It’s like Christmas & the Oscars & a season finale episode of The Bachelor all wrapped into one!” I couldn’t agree more.

Though I didn’t have time to put together anything extensive, here are some quick ideas I’ve thrown around with friends for a royal wedding watching party:

  1. Six in the morning might be a little early expect your guests to don their finest evening ware. Instead ask guests to wear their fanciest pajamas. The Satin After Hours Pajamas from Victoria’s Secret come in KM’s signature blue and would make for an elegant early attire. White gloves are also a must-have accessory for this oh-so-chic occasion.
  2. If you’re going to get dolled up, you might as well take pictures! Set up a photo booth and use these adorable printable prop set from Paper & Cake to capture pictures that are fit for royalty.
  3. The royal wedding is sure to is sure to breed a lot of pomp, circumstance, and if I know NBC, commercials. Keep guests entertained by offering  a craft. Set up a station allowing them to make their own Kate-inspired fastenators. You might offer toile, feathers, silk flowers and netting as possible accessories. (Thanks to Kaycee for this idea!)
  4. Another, cheaper option would be to pick up crowns at Burger King. Spray paint them gold the day before then allow guests to adorn them with jewels from the craft store. Just make sure to have plenty of hot glue guns on hand!
  5. Most people won’t want to splurge on an engagement ring knockoff from HSN so offer blueberry ring pops as a cheap and delicious alternative!
  6. The is essentially the woman’s Superbowl. Make sure you do the event justice by watching the festivities on a big screen, HDTV. From the hair to the dress to the church, it would be a shame to miss out on little details on account of a poor picture.
  7. This spectacular shindig might start at 6 am (EST) but I believe it’s never too early to serve champagne! Have your guests toast to the lovely couple with a glass of bubbly then send guests home with a split of champagne as a party favor.
  8. While the bubbly is out, consider a drinking game like the one outlined on I Do Declare. Possible rules include drinking when someone says “future princess,” or every time someone bows or curtsies.
  9. Also be sure to offer warm tea for the teetotalers in the group and those who have to make it into the office that day.
  10. Speaking of the office, if at all possible, remember to ask your boss for the day off work. Coming into the office tipsy is unbecoming of a lady!

What other ideas do you have for a royal wedding watching party? Sound off and share links to your party ideas in the comments below!

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