Newlywed game

Earlier today I posted pictures from the Valentines Day Dinner for Fourteen that my mom and her friends hosted last weekend. In the post, Mom mentioned that they played the Newlywed game to wrap up the evening. Her friend Veta came up with the questions which produced some fun and interesting moments! See below to  use the questions for your next party!

1.  Where is the strangest place that you’ve ever made whoopee?
2.  What traffic sign best describes your wife on a bad day?
3.  Where on your wife’s body will she say shows the most signs of aging?
4.  If your wife became a stripper, what would her ‘stage’ name be?

1.  What is your husband’s most prized possession?
2.  If you had to pick one thing-and only one thing-that your husband had done to make you think he might be gay, what will he say that thing is?
3.  What does your husband wish you would not do in public?
4.  What movie or book will your husband say best describes your marriage?

Don’t know how to play the Newlywed game? Here are some makeshift rules.

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