The Bachelor

When dreaming up ideas for my Bachelor Premier party, I couldn’t think of a theme more classic than the shows iconic red roses. With the word out that this season’s bachelor, Jason Mesnick, ends up proposing and is now engaged, I decided to capitalize on the diamond ring theme as well. Here are some pics of the decor and from the party.

You're Invited

Invitations: For my tech savvy friends Evites are always the best option. For this party I chose the Real Simple Crimson Cocktail Evite.

Roses & Rings

For a Monday night event wine is a great choice; use Relax Cool Red to match the party decorations. I glammed up my decanter ($6.95 – Crate & Barrel) with rhinestones and tied faux engagement rings ($1.99/12 – Michaels) to the wine glasses with black satin ribbon.


Since the party was centered around the TV I used my dining room table as an appetizer station. For my centerpiece I reused the rose and daisy floral arrangement from my Cotton Bowl tailgate and bedazzled red tea light holders from World Market.

Apply for The Bachelor

To add a fun (and funny) touch I printed out applications to be on the next Bachelor from the Warner Brothers website for all my single guests. I used red ribbon to tie the sheets together in a cute bow. Be sure to provide envelopes, stamps, pens and clipboards so they can be sent off after the party!

6 ways to tell it was a good party

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