This theme is a variation of the New Years Reflections theme. This time the table takes on a green and purple color pallet for a striking display! A lot more simplified, this shows you how to change a few elements and make a completely new table!


Make a statement with this whimsical centerpiece. To give the centerpiece height, place a mirror with beveled edges on top of upside down glasses. (Short water glasses are used here)

For the focal point, take 4 champagne glasses and fill them with clear glass marbles. Place votive candles on top. Highlight the New Year by cutting glitter scrapbook paper into 1.5 inch squares and placing 2-0-0-9 stickers in the middle. Adhere to the champagne glasses with double sided tape.

Sprinkle colored sequins for confetti for a final touch.

Tabletop & Place settings:
  • Use silver chargers as a backdrop for a brightly colored green napkin. Fold the napkin into a pocket and place the silverware in the pocket. Garnish with a sparkly stem and three loop ribbon.
  • Tie simple bows with satin ribbon around the stem of your wine glasses. They are colorful, cute, and help you remember which drink is yours!
  • Note: Another cute idea is to place firework sparklers into the napkin pockets. Unfortunately you can’t buy fireworks in Texas yet so they didn’t make it into these pics but they will certainly be on my New Years table! Go ahead and include long matches for good measure.
Shopping Resources:
  • Silver Charger Plates – $1.87 a piece at Hobby Lobby
  • Black Glitter Scrapbook Paper – $0.99 per sheet at Hobby Lobby
  • Libby Champagne Glasses – $5.99 for 4 at Ross Dress for Less
  • Purple Fabric – $5.99/yard at Hobby Lobby

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  • Joanna @ letsentertain

    I love your blog! You’ve got great photos and ideas. I especially love the colors you chose for this New Years party and the centerpiece is so cute!

  • Kendall

    Thanks Joanna! Who knew I could pull something together with 30 minutes at hobby lobby and thinks I scrounged up around the house! I love your site, thanks for stopping by!

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