The Bachelor

A bachelor party for girls??? That’s right! Next week I’ll be hosting a party for my girl friends to watch the season premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor. It became a girls’ night tradition last year and as a result I have a great new collection of girl friends. Below are a little history and how we organized our watching parties.

I’m currently working on theme ideas for the premiere party and I need your help! My current ideas are (a) Red Roses (classic Bachelor) and (b) Sleepless in Seattle (Jason, the new Bachelor’s hometown). Post comments with ideas for these themes or any new ideas you have! I’ll post pictures from the event next week.

The Game Plan:
Each week we rotate to different apartments so eventually everyone gets to play the role of hostess. The hostess provides appetizers and snacks and the guests happily bring their favorite bottle of wine.

The History:
Last year after a few months of living in Dallas I decided I wanted to make some new girl friends. Being an ever devoted fan of The Bachelor I decided to invite over a random collection of the girls I knew to watch the premier. Everyone had so much fun we decided to continue our Monday night tradition. Each hostess invited her own friends. Slowly the “regulars” were identified and our group was formed!

The beauty of watching The Bachelor is that it provides good topic for conversation and keeping up with the contestants gives everyone a reason to show up every week. There is minimal preparation on the part of the hostess as the entertainment is already provided.

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