MGD 64

Is it just me or has this week dragged on forever?! TGIF! In honor of the end of the work week I wanted to share my review of the new MGD 64. I had seen the commercials (“Can I get a vodka and cranberry 64?”) over and over but had yet to find a bar that actually served it. Last Tuesday after our kickball game I had a stroke of luck! The MGD 64 crew was out promoting their product and passing out samples.

Now I’m a Miller Light girl in the first place, so I’m kind of prejudice, but I actually really enjoyed it! It was just as good as Michelob Ultra, one of my other favorite low-carb beers of choice. I give it four stars!

So tonight, if you’re as exhausted as I am go to the MGD 64 website and find out where you can buy a case. It’s worth trying out!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got some GREAT parties going up next week  from some amazing guest bloggers so be sure to come back soon!

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