Newlywed game

Earlier today I posted pictures from the Valentines Day Dinner for Fourteen that my mom and her friends hosted last weekend. In the post, Mom mentioned that they played the Newlywed game to wrap up the evening. Her friend Veta came up with the questions which produced some fun and interesting moments! See below to  use the questions for your next party!

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My first guest blogger is none other than my favorite hostess with the mostess, my mom, D.Ann! Here are some pictures from her latest dinner party, a Valentines dinner for fourteen! Enjoy!

Valentines Dinner for Fourteen

At my house, any occasion can be a special occasion, especially when it comes to getting our friends together. Recently, our informal “dinner group” of friends has been running crazy, each of us stressed with job, health, family and other issues — moreso than the norm. So right after the first of the year, we all decided we wanted to do a big deal on Valentines Day.

To prevent the dinner party from being a huge problem and alot of work for just one couple, all seven couples pitched in. We started for appetizers and a specialty champagne drink at one house in the neighborhood. Three of the couples helped with this portion of the evening, bringing potluck appetizers and sharing red and white dishes, centerpieces and decor.

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I love sending E-Cards but I find myself spending hours looking for cards that look and say the exact thing I want. This year, instead of searching tirelessly for the perfect e-valentine, I decided to create my own!  To send one of these simply right click and choose “Save Picture As”. Insert in an email to a friend or loved one and send! I’ve also included them for download as a PDF. I’m working on a few more to post before the big day so check back soon!

I like you a latte!

Download “I like you a Latte” as a PDF. {Photo courtesy of: Will}

We Make a Great Pear!

Download “We Make a Great Pear” as a PDF. {Pear photo courtesy of: Mark}

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I work downtown Dallas and love it when I get the chance to stroll Main street on my lunch break. This past Christmas I became obsessed with the Neiman Marcus window displays. The storefront windows of the flagship store were adorned with strings of glistening mirrors that sparkled in the daylight and looked even more magical at night.

The Inspiration

Inspired by the glitzy glam of the NM display, I decided to try and recreate it in my own apartment. My first attempt proved futile as the fishing line I used was too thin and it broke quickly. My grandma quickly took charge of the project and ended up completing it for me! I hung the finished baubles from my curtain rod and they looked fabulous as they sparkled, making a perfect backdrop for my Christmas tree.

Lovely Baubles

When the holiday season came to a close, I was still too obsessed with my glittery window decorations to take them down. With Valentines day only a few weeks away I decided to jazz the windows up by hanging some heart ornaments that were included with a pack of IKEA ornaments that I bought for Christmas. (See Amy at *Stem’s* post today about Freecycling Christmas ornaments)

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Valentines Day Dish Towels

In need of a last minute hostess gift? Look no further than the $1 rack at Target! Target supplies cute and festive dish towels and pot holders for most every holiday. They range from $1.00 to $2.50 which definitely fits my budget! The valentines dish cloths pictured above made a perfect gift for the hostesses of last nights Bachelor watching party. Simply remove the tag and tie the towels together with coordinating ribbon for a homemade touch!

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