New Years Eve 2008

I honestly think I’ve been more social in the past week than in the entire year of 2008. Not that I wasn’t social before, but I’ve been as busy as a bee with parties to host, football games to watch and work to finish! In the past week and a half I have hosted three parties including a tailgate at the Cotton Bowl , a Bachelor viewing party and a sorority alumni club wine tasting/drinking party (pics to come). I also attended a NYE party and a bonfire. Seriously, I’m partied out!

For today’s post I am taking a much-needed break from Photo shop and posting my New Year Resolutions. Also enjoy the pic above of me and some girlfriends from New Years Eve. Here they are:

  • Two new passport stamps (at least one to a country I’ve never been before)
  • Send more handwritten notes (keep up to date with birthday cards)
  • Find creative name for and redesign my blog
  • Go to the gym more often
  • Take more bubble baths
  • Take a class to learn a new or improve an old skill  (ballroom dancing, photography, yoga or something)
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Party Platter & Fun Favors {}

While looking for New Years inspiration, I found this great video from Martha Stewart’s NYE show, set to air Wednesday December 31, 2008. To find this clip, click “next” in the box on the right to view the “Good Things” video. Martha demonstrates how to make cute midnight celebration bags. With their bags in tote, guests will be well prepared for the midnight countdown!

What you’ll need:

  • Clear cellophane bags
  • Confetti – you can find bulk bags at any party store
  • Colorful noisemakers
  • Colorful dot stickers – available in the office supply section

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This theme is a variation of the New Years Reflections theme. This time the table takes on a green and purple color pallet for a striking display! A lot more simplified, this shows you how to change a few elements and make a completely new table!

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When I think of New Years Eve, I think of glitz, glam and shine! It’s also a time for new resolutions and reflections on the past year. This party theme is a mixture of both using a bright and shiny color palette with mirrors for added sparkle and to remind us to reflect on the blessings of the past year.

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