I had so many pics from my party I decided it merited two posts! (Go To Part 1) Here are photos and recipes from the food and beverage part of the party. More after the jump!

Pat O's

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Mardi Party

I held my Fat Tuesday party on Saturday! I hope these pictures and ideas can help you in putting together your own Mardi gras celebration! Lots more after the jump!

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Mardi Gras Evite

I am throwing an impromptu Mardi Gras cocktail party and I need your help! (See the pretty evite I selected above!) I have got some great decorations but am struggling with how to arrange them. I was thinking that I would use my dining table for food (king cake and other Cajun themed appetizers) and the area beside the kitchen sink for the cocktail/bar area. I also have a nice large coffee table I could use for something if I want. Here is a picture of my apartment so you can get a feel for where everything is:

My Apartment

I purchased some green, yellow and purple paper lanterns and have hung them at different heights over my dining room table  off the track lighting. I am struggling with how to do a centerpiece or table decorations with these low hanging balls. (They hang about half way down) I have bought and decorated several mardi gras masks with sequins, feathers, etc. and I have made a Bourbon street sign out of a wooden plaque.

Please post any ideas you have in the comments or email me through my new contact form!  Things I could also use help with:

  • Cocktails – I’m debating how to best make bulk hurricanes. I found several recipes for individual cocktails but I am not looking to buy a million different ingredients.
  • Centerpiece or table set up for food table
  • Easy appetizer recipes (preferably with a Cajun theme)
  • Playlist

Post links, ideas, or whatever you want…and remember, I’m on a budget!  Thank you!!!!

See photos of how this party turned out:

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