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Aren’t these bunny napkins the cutest?! I found inspiration for this easy craft while searching around for Easter table ideas on the blogosphere. I had never seen these before but obviously I’m out of the loop because once I started looking, I found them everywhere! Good Housekeeping added a button and whiskers to theirs and is my personal fav, but I also like the simplicity of Martha’s crisp white bunny.

There are lots of tutorials out there so here are a few I found to be helpful and comprehensive. Come & Peek shows that you don’t need fancy napkins to create beautiful bunnies, making them with paper napkins.

I found some cute home-made napkin bunnies on Flickr too. I loved this one with polka dotted nakpins by Heidi Kennedy of  My Paper Crane.

Bunny Love: Polka Dots

I can’t wait to try to make these cuties for myself! And you can be sure I’ll post the results here when I do!

{Photos Courtesy of: MarthaStewart.com, My Paper Crane, and GoodHousekeeping.com}

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Easily Easter

Enjoy this guest post by my mom who has some great ideas for Easter decor and tablescaping!

Easter is a time for reflection, reawakening and renewal – a time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Decorating for Easter is fun because it gives us a chance to infuse in our homes the bright colors of Spring and reflect on all the symbols of Easter and what they mean. So what do lilies, colored eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus?

There are many traditions associated with these decorations. Many people think the Easter Lily, with its majestic white blooms, represents the purity of the risen Christ. I always include a cross or several crosses in my Easter decorating because of the subtle “reason for the season” reminder.

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Today is a special post on Pottery Barn tying together the I’m Sold! and Surprising Sources series.

I'm Sold on Pottery Barn

Though I can hardly afford to shop at Pottery Barn it is still one of my favorite places to “shop.” Instead of shopping for plates and napkins and silverware I shop for inspiration! I love getting the PB catalogue in the mail to see what the new trends in decor and entertaining are. And I’ve had a ton of success at recreating some of their tablescapes and decor ideas with much less expensive versions I find at TJ Maxx and Walmart.

The staff is super friendly and always willing to help you match your color palette or give great tips and tricks. The two PB staffers above, Roy and Darren taught the recent Spring Entertaining Class and were friendly and full of energy!

Another great reason to “shop” at Pottery Barn is to find out about all their fun FREE events. It is a fun way to meet other entertainers in your area and spend a morning sharing ideas! Here’s a recap of the class I attended and lots of spring & easter entertaining ideas!

On Sunday I woke up early (early for me on a weekend at least) and headed to Pottery Barn to try out their Spring Entertaining class! It was lots of fun and the instructors were full of great ideas! Enjoy the following pictures and spring entertaining tips from the notes I took at the class!

Easy Easter Brunch {Photos courtey of PotteryBarn.com}

Easy Easter Brunch

The class started off with tips for throwing an Easter brunch celebration. The instructors explained that brunch could be early – before church – or in the early afternoon after church. They gave these great tips and insights into what is “hot” this season for Easter entertaining:

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Pottery Barn Entertaining Class

Looking for inspiration for your spring-time soirees? Then get your party planning tush to Pottery Barn this Sunday, March 15 for a complimentary entertaining class! I have attended a few pb classes in the past and have always come out super inspired and excited. The classes are usually on Sunday mornings before the store opens to the public. There has always been a good crowd when I’ve been (usually women) and it is really fun to spend the morning chatting and collaborating on design with other décor-loving friends!

Our local store has a great instructor who makes the class very participatory and is very good at explaining how to recreate the displays you see. One of my favorite parts of the class is that you don’t feel any pressure to buy anything. (PB is often a bit out of my price range) But if something catches your eye they offer 10% off all merchandise used in the class to those who attend. The main goal of the classes seems to be to get people in the store during a non-peak hour and explain more about all the services that PB offers.

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