The Bachelor is back! Which means three months of Monday night wine drinking and drama with the girls. This week the main topic of conversation was about how each of the bachelorettes vying for Jake’s heart looked familiar. Everyone kept throwing out names of who looked like which celebrity.

The insomniac of the group, I couldn’t resist looking them all up and making the comparison for myself when I got home. I Photoshopped each of the bachelorette’s pictures together with their celebrity twin. Which one do you think looks the most like the person I paired them with? Tell us what you think in the comments. I’ll post what I think at the very bottom!

1. Ali and Kate Bosworth

2. Elizabeth and Megan Fox

3. Ella and Melinda Clarke

4. Kathryn and Brittney Snow

5. Tenley and Christine Taylor

6. Vienna and Ashley Tisdale or Haylie Duff

What do I think? Elizabeth and Megan Fox were twins separated at birth. Is the resemblance incredible or what?!

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Bachelorette Picks

Thank you to blogger and fellow Dallasite Brandy for featuring my Hot Dog Bachelorette Viewing Party on Simply Creative Insanity! Head on over to her blog to check it out!

I’m so glad to hear from fellow Bachelorette fans! Who do you think will win? My current favorites: Ed and Jake!

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Hot Dog Condiments

Unlike hot dogs and ketchup, sangria and empty stomachs are not a good combo. Knowing we were in for a two-hour premier I wanted to serve substantial food beyond the usual appetizers.

Hot dogs were the obvious entrée choice and I’ve been dying to do mini mac & cheese for a while. I also dreamed up Bachelorette themed cupcake toppers so I rounded out the menu with a sweet cupcake finish. Throw in some chips and a veggie tray and voila… a perfect dinner for 10 in front of the TV! Pictures and recipes after the jump!

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Hot Dog! The Bachelorette is Back!

HOT DOG! The Bachelorette is back! And what a better way to celebrate than a party appropriately themed to reflect our new bachelorette’s philosophy on men and hot dog condiments?!

As many of my readers already know, my girlfriends and I are huge fans of the Bachelor. For those non-bachelor fans out there, last season Jillian immediately caught the attention of Bachelor Jason when she explained her theory regarding men and hot dog toppings:

“Ketchup guy is a good, strong, loyal, loving guy. He loves his mom and talks to her several times a week. Sauerkraut guy is the bad boy who they all go for. The onion guy – they all love him, but he’s never going to get married. And the mustard guy, that’s the guy who they all want to settle down with, because he’s part ketchup, part sauerkraut.”

While Jason claimed to be a mustard he acted like a kraut, leaving us with a brand new Bachelorette, and even more important, a reason to party!


Since the theme was based on hot dogs, the food ended up becoming the central décor element of the party. In fact, I’m doing an entire post on the menu! Instead of plates, guests used ballpark-like hot dog boats. (24 for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby) I used larger ramekins to serve chili and cheese and set out relish, ketchup and mustard on a white platter.

Hot Dog Table

I found some great striped scrapbook paper and choose coordinating solids to create detail elements like cupcake picks, napkin rings, beverage signs, drink markers and more.


My favorite part of the décor was the cupcake toppers with pictures of all 30 of Jillian’s potential suitors. Not only did they add to the decoration, but the girls had a great time hovering around to decide who was the cutest before the show began!

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Hot Dog Invitation

As my loyal readers already know, I’m a huge fan of ABC’s The Bachelor. Last night I hosted a premiere party. It was so fun and you are going to love the pictures! To tide you over until I can get those I wanted to share a review of the new online invitation service I used.

There has been buzz throughout the blogosphere about the new online invitation service, Purple Trail. I’ve been waiting for a chance to try it out and my Bachelorette Premiere party presented the perfect opportunity.

An avid evite fan, I was hesitant to stray from the familiar. I decided to take a leap of faith on a small party where I knew I could call people if it didn’t work for some reason. Here is my feedback!


The feature I loved best about Purple Trail was the ability to create a custom design. Evite’s system is kind of clunky and I’ve learned it is just best to go with their premade templates. Purple Trail allowed me to upload a picture that I created in Photoshop and customize the background color to match.


Filling in all of the party information was simple and self-explanatory. The thing I liked best was how quickly the site loads.


A first time user, I decided to try out some of the “Modules” PT offers. First, I found a video preview of The Bachelorette premiere and embedded it on the invite. I also added a poll of my guests to see which condiments they liked on their hot dogs. (This ended up being very helpful when grocery shopping!) I also added the Google Map which I found worked much better than evite’s mapping solution.

Final Review

All in all, I had a positive experience with Purple Trail. In fact, I just received an email asking if I wanted to post pictures from my event or send thank you notes! I did notice slower responses than I normal but most guests ended up responding eventually. I liked that guests could keep their messages private or make them public.

Would I use it again? For the Bachelorette, definitely. But for an event with more people (especially events with guys) I’d be hesitant to stray from what everyone is comfortable with.

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The Bachelor Week 4

Last Monday my good friends Samantha and Mandy hosted our weekly Bachelor watching party. Like any party thrown by these ladies, the decor was stunning and the food was delicious. Check out the pictures below for more Bachelor-inspired decor!

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The Bachelor

When dreaming up ideas for my Bachelor Premier party, I couldn’t think of a theme more classic than the shows iconic red roses. With the word out that this season’s bachelor, Jason Mesnick, ends up proposing and is now engaged, I decided to capitalize on the diamond ring theme as well. Here are some pics of the decor and from the party.

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The Bachelor

A bachelor party for girls??? That’s right! Next week I’ll be hosting a party for my girl friends to watch the season premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor. It became a girls’ night tradition last year and as a result I have a great new collection of girl friends. Below are a little history and how we organized our watching parties.

I’m currently working on theme ideas for the premiere party and I need your help! My current ideas are (a) Red Roses (classic Bachelor) and (b) Sleepless in Seattle (Jason, the new Bachelor’s hometown). Post comments with ideas for these themes or any new ideas you have! I’ll post pictures from the event next week.

The Game Plan:
Each week we rotate to different apartments so eventually everyone gets to play the role of hostess. The hostess provides appetizers and snacks and the guests happily bring their favorite bottle of wine.

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