Last May, my friend Samantha and I hosted a Sex and the City Movie Premiere Party. With a small budget and a large guest list we set out to create an A-List party on a shoe string budget.

Sex and the City Movie Premiere Party

Movie studios spend hundreds of thousands of dollars throwing glamorous premiere parties to promote their newly released films. With a little determination and a lot of creativity you can throw a Hollywood worthy premiere party for a fraction of the cost.

Party Decor
Movie premiers are glitzy in nature, but a movie like Sex and the City ups the ante when it comes to glam. Start planning your décor by selecting a color palette. Take cues from the movie poster and movie website. For the Sex and the City party, our color palette consisted of black, white, hot pink and sparkly! Our inspiration board included Chinese takeout boxes, Manolo Blahnik shoes, engagement rings, the New York City skyline and, of course, martini glasses. We worked these details in to the party decorations and menu.

SATC Inspiration Board

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The Bachelor Week 4

Last Monday my good friends Samantha and Mandy hosted our weekly Bachelor watching party. Like any party thrown by these ladies, the decor was stunning and the food was delicious. Check out the pictures below for more Bachelor-inspired decor!

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The Bachelor

When dreaming up ideas for my Bachelor Premier party, I couldn’t think of a theme more classic than the shows iconic red roses. With the word out that this season’s bachelor, Jason Mesnick, ends up proposing and is now engaged, I decided to capitalize on the diamond ring theme as well. Here are some pics of the decor and from the party.

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The Bachelor

A bachelor party for girls??? That’s right! Next week I’ll be hosting a party for my girl friends to watch the season premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor. It became a girls’ night tradition last year and as a result I have a great new collection of girl friends. Below are a little history and how we organized our watching parties.

I’m currently working on theme ideas for the premiere party and I need your help! My current ideas are (a) Red Roses (classic Bachelor) and (b) Sleepless in Seattle (Jason, the new Bachelor’s hometown). Post comments with ideas for these themes or any new ideas you have! I’ll post pictures from the event next week.

The Game Plan:
Each week we rotate to different apartments so eventually everyone gets to play the role of hostess. The hostess provides appetizers and snacks and the guests happily bring their favorite bottle of wine.

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