Last weekend, my boyfriend Andrew and I traveled to Beaver Creek, Colorado to catch at little R&R, hang out with his family, and escape the outrageous Texas heat. Though we were only there for a long weekend, we crammed in all sorts of fun activities! We enjoyed several scenic mountain hikes, took in a concert at Vail’s Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, ate a few fabulous meals and enjoyed a picture perfect lakeside picnic.

With the sun shining and temps in the mid 70s, an afternoon picnic with Andrew’s parents was a perfect excuse to get outside and experience the great outdoors. It was also a great reason to enjoy an afternoon snack! As opposed to a traditional picnic lunch, we opted to go with an antipasto and cheese spread. Here’s what we used to create our perfect picnic:

  • Cured Meats – We chose two of my favorite cured meats – sopressata and pancetta — to snack on. We bought the Boar’s Head pre-sliced variety which was very picnic friendly.
  • Cheese – To me, cheese is the most important part of a great antipasto platter. Tillamook’s Medium Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheeses complemented our spread perfectly.
  • Fruit – Grapes, cherries and a red apple were great for snacking and deliciously in season.
  • Bread & Crackers – A fresh baguette from the bakery was just the right vessel for a well stacked meat and cheese bite. We also had a box of wheat thins on hand and some sweet scones to nibble on.
  • Beverages – A refreshing red wine and cold Sawtooth Ale from Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Co. were the beverages of choice.

After putting together a savory picnic basket of treats, we had to find a good spot to set up. On the recommendation of Andrew’s sister, we chose Nottingham Lake in Avon, CO. We found a nice grassy spot in the shade of a lovely tree where we set up shop.

Before we started snacking, we set up our spread to try and capture the perfect snapshot for Tillamook’s #picnicpic contest. We started out perfectly posed…

But the more wine we drank…

the sillier we got!

At one point, I started laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

Andrew’s dad was all laid out on his stomach in the grass trying to capture the perfect photo. I wish I had gotten a pic of that! Once we got too silly, I took over camera duties and got some super sweet shots of Dr. and Mrs. Bode.

After all those photos, we worked up quite an appetite! We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying our picnic, chatting, eating, drinking and taking in the beautiful scenery!

It was really a terrific trip and

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Today Kate and I are being our Italian adventure, traveling from Dallas to Amsterdam and finally Rome. While abroad we’ll visit three of Italy’s most exciting cities: Rome, Florence and Venice. To keep all of of our important hotel and flight information in one place I made up a easy to fill multi-city travel itinerary.

Multi-City Travel Itinerary

Of course it only makes good sense to share this helpful template with my amazing readers. I hope it helps you in planning your next exciting excursion!

Download the Multi-City Travel Itinerary

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My bags are packed!

I am a list person. I make to-do lists, idea lists, life lists, and, of course, pack lists! A few years ago I stumbled across this handy little travel checklist over at The Project Girl. Every time I’m going on a trip be it for a fourteen-day European excursion or a weekend jaunt home, I print this baby and get going!

After years of hand writing in a few necessities I felt missing from the list, I recently broke down and decided to recreate the list to specifically meet my needs. My changes are minimal…mainly I added a few items I often found myself forgetting, like my glasses and extra contact lenses. Shampoo and conditioner, jewelry, and a travel journal are other adds. Also, I changed diarrhea medicine and laxative to simply antacids. The idea of thinking of diarrhea before a trip just kinda took some of the excitement out of packing!

The design I left the same. I changed to color to match my luggage, but that’s about it. I didn’t want to rip off Project Girl, but if it’s not broke…

The Ultimate Travel Packlist

Do you use a pack list to get ready for a trip? Is there anything I’m missing? I’d be happy to make some adds if someone thinks of something that might be helpful for everyone! I’ve also licensed mine under the creative commons so feel free to add, remix, restyle as you please!

Enjoy this free printable and happy travels!

Download The Ultimate Travel Pack List

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