Some girls are awesome at pulling off trendy, chunky baubles. I’m certainly not one of them. When it comes to jewelry, I stick to a few staples and layer other accessories as appropriate.

Silver has long been my go-to look. Not only do I love my silver jewelry staples, but each piece has a special meaning to me.

Kendall's Silver Jewelry Staples

Pi Beta Phi, Official Crest Ring; Swiss Army, Alliance Watch; Tiffany & Co., letter “K” pendant,

First is my Pi Phi Crest Ring. You’ll rarely (if ever) see me not wearing this ring. My mom gave it to me for Christmas several years ago and then again last year after I lost my first one. Looking at this ring reminds me of all the amazing friendships I’ve made through my involvement in the sorority over the years. It also reminds me to live the values of Pi Beta Phi: integrity, honor and respect, lifelong commitment, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, and sincere friendship.

(While that’s special and all, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly hope that someday I’ll have a cheeseball moment a la Legally Blonde 2 where a fellow Pi Phi recognizes the ring and we can do our secret handshake!)

My next silver jewelry staple is my Swiss Army watch. My mom and dad gave this to me as a gift last Christmas. Ever since I was a kid my dad has worn Swiss Army watches. I’ve always loved the look of their watches and was so excited to finally have my own. It’s waterproof and tough as can be, but still dainty and feminine. Exactly what I look for in a watch!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is my cursive K necklace. My cousin Katie gave this to me as a thank you gift for being a reader in her wedding. Katie and I not only share the same first initial, but also a friendship and sisterhood in Pi Phi. This necklace is so special to me and reminds me of Katie whenever I wear it. Plus, it’s so cute and it’s Tiffany’s — totally classic!

Kendall's Gold Jewelry Staples

Michael Kors, MK-5071 Gold Watch, Dogeared Wishbone Necklace

As it has become more trendy to wear gold jewelry recently, I decided I should pick up a few staples in this metal as well. I fell in love with the idea of the gold wishbone necklace after seeing Jennifer Aniston sport one in He’s Just Not That Into You. After lusting over it for almost a year, I was finally gifted this little treat. The wish bone is a symbol of luck and I always feel a little extra lucky when I wear it!

My Michael Kors watch is my most recent acquisition and I love it. I was a bit hesitant to try a larger face watch even though I know it’s trendy. I have small wrists and many boyfriend watches just look ridiculous on me. Luckily, my mom found this great style which is a bit bigger than I’m used to but still well proportioned.

I’m still searching for a ring to round out my gold collection. Let me know if you have any suggestions! And next time you see me around, check out my jewelry. I’ll likely be sporting one of the combos pictured above!

Do you have jewelry staples or do you have a different set of accessories for every outfit? Does any of the jewelry you wear have a special or significant meaning?

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