Clearly Kendall’s Entertaining Life hasn’t been so entertaining lately, but, actually, my real life has been crazy busy and highly entertaining over the past few months. I just haven’t had time to blog about it here!

The biggest highlight? A new job! I am now a full-time “Social Networking and Marketing Associate,” or in other words, a professional blogger! That’s right, this little ole blog helped me land a new job in a brand new industry! I still can’t believe that I’m getting paid to do what I love!

So that’s where I’ve been. I’ve spent the last five months working to launch my work blog, I get to blog about the Dallas Design District including our new apartments, restaurants and all the cool interior design showrooms in the area. Yep, my job pretty much rocks.

Oh, and the new job also explains the two non-entertaining related posts: Doors of the Design District and Day in the Life of a Socialmediaite. Part of the interview process for my new job was to write blog post. Thanks to you faithful readers who commented on them and supported me through the interview process!

In other exciting news, I’m moving next week! Don’t worry, I’ll still be in Dallas! Just a little closer to work. I picked out an awesome apartment that is HUGE and has a perfect layout for entertaining. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for how to arrange the living/dining room. The X marks where the cable connector is which makes the furniture arrangement a little less straight forward. Help! I could use it :)

Besides the great layout the biggest upgrade is the added cabinet space. There is TONS of room for all my plates, serving trays, glasses, etc. I’m sure my fellow entertaining enthusiasts can relate — keeping a fully stocked set of glassware and serving platters can sure take up a lot of space!

So that’s my update. Thanks to those of you who have kept my blog in your feed reader and I promise some great new parties this year! I’ll try to blog over here at least once a week. There you go — a new years resolution!

I’ll leave you with a little treat — some napkins I saw at Z Gallerie the other day. How true is this statement?

Now how great are those?! Totally worth $5.95.

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