The Bachelor is back! Which means three months of Monday night wine drinking and drama with the girls. This week the main topic of conversation was about how each of the bachelorettes vying for Jake’s heart looked familiar. Everyone kept throwing out names of who looked like which celebrity.

The insomniac of the group, I couldn’t resist looking them all up and making the comparison for myself when I got home. I Photoshopped each of the bachelorette’s pictures together with their celebrity twin. Which one do you think looks the most like the person I paired them with? Tell us what you think in the comments. I’ll post what I think at the very bottom!

1. Ali and Kate Bosworth

2. Elizabeth and Megan Fox

3. Ella and Melinda Clarke

4. Kathryn and Brittney Snow

5. Tenley and Christine Taylor

6. Vienna and Ashley Tisdale or Haylie Duff

What do I think? Elizabeth and Megan Fox were twins separated at birth. Is the resemblance incredible or what?!

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