Today is a special post on Pottery Barn tying together the I’m Sold! and Surprising Sources series.

I'm Sold on Pottery Barn

Though I can hardly afford to shop at Pottery Barn it is still one of my favorite places to “shop.” Instead of shopping for plates and napkins and silverware I shop for inspiration! I love getting the PB catalogue in the mail to see what the new trends in decor and entertaining are. And I’ve had a ton of success at recreating some of their tablescapes and decor ideas with much less expensive versions I find at TJ Maxx and Walmart.

The staff is super friendly and always willing to help you match your color palette or give great tips and tricks. The two PB staffers above, Roy and Darren taught the recent Spring Entertaining Class and were friendly and full of energy!

Another great reason to “shop” at Pottery Barn is to find out about all their fun FREE events. It is a fun way to meet other entertainers in your area and spend a morning sharing ideas! Here’s a recap of the class I attended and lots of spring & easter entertaining ideas!

On Sunday I woke up early (early for me on a weekend at least) and headed to Pottery Barn to try out their Spring Entertaining class! It was lots of fun and the instructors were full of great ideas! Enjoy the following pictures and spring entertaining tips from the notes I took at the class!

Easy Easter Brunch {Photos courtey of}

Easy Easter Brunch

The class started off with tips for throwing an Easter brunch celebration. The instructors explained that brunch could be early – before church – or in the early afternoon after church. They gave these great tips and insights into what is “hot” this season for Easter entertaining:

  • Posh Pastel – This year the traditional pastel color scheme of pinks, blues and yellows is “in” for Easter. Pastel colors and accessories also go well for baby showers so you can repurpose all of your Easter ware for another occasion. Eggs also symbolize new life which could tie in well for a baby shower theme.
  • Go big or go home – Don’t be afraid of large centerpieces. They make a big statement and large branches bring a natural, springy element to the table. Feel free to move them to the console table out of the way when guests sit down to eat to make conversation easier.
  • Lighten up - Most people have dark wood or black tables. To lighten up a dark table use a colorful or white table runner to make your centerpiece pop.
  • Egg-tastic – Choose one iconic Easter symbol like eggs, bunnies, nests, or even crosses and repeat them in your décor. In the table above eggs are repeated in the table runner, centerpiece and candles.

Mellow Yellow Tablescape

Mellow Yellow Tablescape

This yellow table is sure to bring a smile to your face! This table could be used for any occasion but would be perfect for an outdoor luncheon or casual dinner. Straw chargers and candleholders/vases bring a more relaxed feel to the table while the yellow patterned plate adds a modern touch.

Mellow Yellow Tablescape Details

PB staff said a fun new trend was to use throw pillows in your dining chairs. They can tie in more color and provide a nice seat cushion! When you’re done with your party you can throw them on the couch to add a spring spice to your décor!

Ladies Spring Lunch

Ladies Spring Lunch

This brightly colored tablescape would be perfect for a spring luncheon for your girl friends. Again, a white table runner is used to brighten up the table and orange napkins, glasses and decorative plates are used to add the largest bursts of colors.

A fun idea for a ladies lunch would be to have a predetermined “topic” that guests must come prepared to talk about. This idea came from the TV show Ugly Betty and lots of people in the class were excited about using the idea!

Orange & Green Tablescape

Using fruit in your tablescape is beyond hot this season and adding faux pears gives this table the green it needs. Our instructors also noted that you could use fresh pears as place card holders by cutting a slit in them to hold the card. Or you could tie a string to the stem with a name card hanging off.

Also note the dogwood blooms that are spread across the table runner. I learned at the class that these are a very symbolic flower for Easter. (Another post on that coming tomorrow!)

Here are some other fun ideas that came out of the class:

  • Use twine to tie up your silverware for a fun, rustic look.
  • Spring and easter is a great time to get good use out of your basic white dishes. It makes for a fresh clean palette. I was excited to learn about Pottery Barn’s Caterer’s collection which offers sets of 12 of all your entertaining basics for a reasonable price!

And note, you don’t have to purchase these things at

More Pottery Barn Ideas

If you missed out on this class, don’t fret! PB has plenty scheduled this spring! See below for more information.

Upcoming Pottery Barn Decorating Classes

Seasonal Decorating and Entertaining

Sunday March 29, 2009

Learn tips on entertaining at home and updating your space in a refreshing palette for the season.

The Art of Botanical Arranging

Sunday, April 26th & Sunday, May 3rd

Learn how to artfully display botanicals and customize your very own display for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Backyard Entertaining

Sunday, June 14th

Learn tips on easy chic updates for your outdoor space and effortless outdoor entertaining.

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