Superbowl XLIII

After a fun-filled Saturday night I was looking forward to a low key Superbowl Sunday. Just me and a date with some burgers and beer. But Lord knows I can’t pass up a good opportunity to decorate! An hour before kickoff I pulled out my football box and unfolded the trusty football field tablecloth. A few candles, seven layer dip and a couple of football plates later I had created a Super spread!

Cardinals vs. Steelers

To add a little personalization to the table I printed out each team’s logos and taped them to our wine and beer glasses. I added ribbons with each teams colors and finished them off with football brads that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I used larger team cutouts to decorate the little chalkboard in my kitchen.

Last Minute

With the burgers and dogs grilled to perfection and an excitingly close game the night turned out to be a great success! Just goes to show parties can be just as fun when they’re for two as when they’re with a whole group of friends.

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