New Years Eve 2008

I honestly think I’ve been more social in the past week than in the entire year of 2008. Not that I wasn’t social before, but I’ve been as busy as a bee with parties to host, football games to watch and work to finish! In the past week and a half I have hosted three parties including a tailgate at the Cotton Bowl , a Bachelor viewing party and a sorority alumni club wine tasting/drinking party (pics to come). I also attended a NYE party and a bonfire. Seriously, I’m partied out!

For today’s post I am taking a much-needed break from Photo shop and posting my New Year Resolutions. Also enjoy the pic above of me and some girlfriends from New Years Eve. Here they are:

  • Two new passport stamps (at least one to a country I’ve never been before)
  • Send more handwritten notes (keep up to date with birthday cards)
  • Find creative name for and redesign my blog
  • Go to the gym more often
  • Take more bubble baths
  • Take a class to learn a new or improve an old skill  (ballroom dancing, photography, yoga or something)

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