Today I want to share some of my favorite magazines. I’ve also listed a few that I’m thinking of trying out. Leave your own reviews of the magazines listed here and let me know if there are any other must-subscribe mags out there that I’ve missed!

My Favorite Magazines

  • Real Simple– I have subscribed to Real Simple since I was 18. While it addresses many issues I’m not yet  facing – kids, in-laws, aging, etc. –  it is cross generational enough to keep my interest. I love the simplicity of their ideas and inspiration! Only one complaint: I have been rather unimpressed with the few recipes I’ve tried from this mag. They may be quick and easy but they aren’t always that tasty!
  • Martha Stewart Living – I started getting living when Martha’s new mag, Blueprint, was cancelled. I skip through the gardening parts but there are always great entertaining and decorating ideas. I rarely cook any of the recipes but the few I have tried have turned out really well.
  • Budget Travel – This is truly a multi-generational magazine. It is a great resource for travel planning, and it provides a great escape from everyday life! The different features give great ideas on non-traditional vacations and smart money-saving travel tips.

Magazines to Try

Here are a few more mags I have been thinking of trying but am not sure if I would enjoy. Does anyone subscribe to these? Please leave a comment and give me your feedback!

  • Domino – I don’t know much about this one other than it is a decorating magazine focused on younger readers.
  • Every day with Rachael – From what I gather this mag is focused on recipes. Is that true? Or is there more to it? Keep in mind, I’m not a great cook and don’t tend to try things with more than 5 ingredients.
  • The Nest – It looks so cute but I am worried it is too centered on newlyweds. (I’m very single!) I’ve never actually bought a copy so I don’t really know.

UPDATE: I emailed the editors of the three “to try” magazines listed above. I promptly recieved a reply from the Editorial Assistant at The Knot. She provided this description of “The Nest”:

The Nest Magazine is a controlled-circulation lifestyle publication for newlyweds and is not sold on newsstands. So who gets it in their mailbox? Members of our sister site,, who have just gotten hitched. The good news is,  you can get all the great content from our magazine on, plus so much more. We have everything from home-buying and money advice to easy dinner recipes and décor tips, plus tons of relationship articles. You’ll also form online friendships on our addictively fun message boards. Become a member (it’s free!) of

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  • Domino is awesome! If you enjoy modern decorating, you will like this mag. I like The Nest and Rachel Ray too, though its been awhile since I’ve bought a Rachel Ray.

  • Joanna,
    Good to know! I’ll have to pick up Domino at the news stand! Thanks for your advice!


  • D.Ann

    Years ago — 1970s probably — there was a great magazine called Apartment Life. It had all sorts of ideas for living in a small space, inexpensive design tips and how to personalize a place that you rent. But it didn’t do that well because I guess renters aren’t the best demographic. Anyway, in time it became Metropolitan Home and focussed on all the high end decor that attracts advertisers. I think these new home decor magazines could capitalize on readers who live in small spaces by focussing more on apartment or condo living. Anyway, I still like Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens. Old fashioned as I may be. :)

  • Thanks for the above discussion on the various magazines. Your information about the travel magazine was helpful. It is always hard, when getting a subscription, to decide which one to put your money on. Ruth

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