This past weekend I attended the wedding of two dear friends, Derek & Linda, in St. Louis. It was beautiful and hands down one of the prettiest I have ever attended in terms of décor. I can only imagine the copious amounts of planning that went into each detail, from the plentiful poinsettias at the alter to the lavish white floral centerpieces at the reception.

But the thing that “made” the wedding wasn’t the amazing decorations or the bride’s beautiful dress; it was the company and the friends in attendance. Really, what better reason to celebrate than two people getting married?

So often when planning a party I get hung up on little details like what to serve and how to decorate, but the real reason for all my worry is to make sure that my guests are happy and enjoy themselves. Most of the time my parties are not in celebration of a special event like a birthday or holiday, but rather for no good reason other than to get together with friends.

In this case, there was a very good reason for celebration. I wish Derek and Linda a happy and long life together. Their wedding truly was a “Winter Wonderland.”

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