When I think of New Years Eve, I think of glitz, glam and shine! It’s also a time for new resolutions and reflections on the past year. This party theme is a mixture of both using a bright and shiny color palette with mirrors for added sparkle and to remind us to reflect on the blessings of the past year.


Make a statement with this whimsical centerpiece. To give the centerpiece height, place a beveled edge mirror with on top of upside down glasses. (Martini glasses are used here.) Wrap the base in your favorite glitzy fabric or leave the glasses showing if you prefer.

For the focal point, take 4 champagne glasses and fill them with clear glass marbles. Place votive candles on top of the marbles. Highlight the New Year by cutting glitter scrapbook paper into 1.5 inch squares and placing 2-0-0-9 stickers in the middle of each glass. Adhere the squares to the champagne glasses with double sided tape.

For the minimalists out there, sprinkle colored sequins as confetti for a final touch. For those who prefer a more busy table, add a New Years Eve tiara and/or a silver star spray behind the glasses.

Tabletop & Place Settings
  • For a more formal table, use a black tablecloth as a base. Sprinkle craft mirrors (assorted shapes and sizes) for a sparkly look that gleams with the right lighting.
  • Use silver chargers as a backdrop for the colorful New Years noise makers. You can also use a silver paint pen to write names on each of the noise makers to serve as name cards (not pictured). Add a three-loop satin bow for an extra touch.
  • Tie simple bows with satin ribbon around the stem of your wine glasses. They are colorful, cute, and help you remember which drink is yours!
  • Put other noisemakers and horns in glass vases as accessories to the table. They can be used when Midnight rolls around!
  • Note: Another cute idea is to tie firework sparklers into the bow with the horns. Unfortunately you can’t buy fireworks in Texas yet so they didn’t make it into these pics but they will certainly be on my New Years table! Go ahead and include long matches for good measure.
Shopping resources:
  • Silver Charger Plates – $1.87 a piece at Hobby Lobby
  • Block Letter Stickers – $2.99 at Hobby Lobby
  • Black Glitter Scrapbook Paper – $0.99 per sheet at Hobby Lobby
  • Libby Champagne Glasses – $5.99 for 4 at Ross Dress for Less
  • New Years Horns – 4 for $1.00 at any Party Store
  • New Years Tiaras — $0.40 at any Party Store
  • Purple Fabric – $5.99/yard at Hobby Lobby

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